Medical Malpractice

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Medical Malpractice

An individual can have a cause for action when a medical professional either does or fails to do something which violates the standard of care for that profession, resulting in an undesired outcome or injury to that individual. While understanding the devastating effects associated with medical malpractice cases, the top Chicago medical malpractice attorneys of Heath & Heath, PC use their knowledge and experience, and work with the top medical experts, to attain full and just compensation for families devastated by medical malpractice.

Chicago Medical Malpractice Attorney
  • Birth injuries – injuries to a child during birth

  • Failure to diagnose and/or treat – injury or death resulting from a doctor failing to diagnose and/or treat an illness or disorder

  • Foreign object left in the body

  • Incorrect diagnosis – treating an individual for a health problem they do not have, and/or failing to treat the health problem they do have

  • Operating on the wrong part of the body

  • Nursing home negligence

  • Nursing negligence – such as failure to communicate with the doctor, failure to properly enter medical notes, failure to recognize significant symptoms, etc.

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Medical Malpractice


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