Tollway Worker Pulls Out from Shoulder of the Tollway Resulting in Death of Grandfather, Son, and Grandson

On their way to O’Hare airport, a grandfather was driving his wife, son, and grandson on I-294, having just passed the entrance ramp from I-290.  Plaintiff’s investigation showed that as he drove along in the right lane, a Tollway Help truck suddenly pulled out from the shoulder into his lane immediately in front of him.  With another car in the lane to the left of him, the grandfather swerved onto the shoulder, hoping to avoid a collision.  Unfortunately, there was a Tollway truck parked on the shoulder as well, and the grandfather’s car slammed into the back of that truck.  As a result of the collision the grandfather, son, and 10-year-old grandson died.

Initially, the reports about the collision did not mention the Tollway Help truck and its involvement in the case.  However, plaintiff’s investigation showed that the Tollway Help truck actually caused the collision but left the scene only to return minutes later to help direct traffic.  The Help truck driver returned to the scene a few minutes later after having turned around at a cross-over which was up the road a few miles.  Based upon plaintiff’s investigation the case settled at a mediation for $2.4 million dollars.