Almost all personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis – meaning that the attorney is paid from a percentage of the money recovered, and if no money is recovered, generally the client does not pay for the attorney’s services. In addition, all expenses to prosecute the case are usually incurred by the attorney during the litigation, and only reimbursed after the case is resolved, and only if there is a sufficient recovery. A personal injury attorney, therefore, is strongly motivated to only take cases that he or she believes have merit.

Due to the unique nature of personal injury work, small, boutique personal injury law firms are able to provide a level of personal service, and attention to detail that is not always possible at bigger firms. Because each case is selected with great care, the small law firm that takes on the responsibility of a personal injury case commits to giving that case, and that client, significant time, attention, and effort. At a law firm of only one or two attorneys, there is little risk of a client’s case getting shuffled off to another attorney, or of a case getting less attention than other cases. “Boutique” law firms do not generally take on a large caseload of little cases which require a lot of busy work, multiple court dates, and other distractions. Rather, attorneys at the smaller law firm often work as a team to bring each case to a successful resolution.

In addition, because small, boutique firms do not take on large caseloads, they are able to give each client the time necessary to answer questions and concerns and to keep the client updated on the process of the case. Effective and frequent communication with the client is usually highly valued in small, boutique firms.

Most importantly, because small firms focus with such intensity on each case, they develop skills and knowledge that are simply unavailable to firms with a more scattered focus. This is particularly true in catastrophic injury cases and medical malpractice cases. In medical malpractice cases, for example, there can be issues which are complex, and which could be easily missed by a less experienced attorney. When the attorney for the plaintiff does not address those issues and address them effectively, he or she could be leaving a lot of money on the table which could otherwise be going to compensate the client. In addition, a skilled plaintiff’s attorney, who has a detailed knowledge of all of the critical issues, and the analytical ability to attack those issues in an effective manner, can bring parties to the negotiating table who might otherwise be willing to risk a trial. There is no substitute for the experience an attorney obtains working at a small, boutique firm.

At Heath & Heath, P.C., the attorneys work as a team on every case. The client receives the knowledge, experience, insight, and strategic analysis of the entire firm, not just one attorney. The attorneys at Heath & Heath, P.C., have received feedback from opposing counsel that Heath & Heath, P.C., had raised issues they had never seen raised before, and that Heath & Heath, P.C., had raised those issues in an insightful, organized, and effective manner. Moreover, the attorneys at Heath & Heath, P.C., intentionally keep their caseload small so that they can give the attention to each case that it needs. This is a luxury bigger firms do not have.

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